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Photo credit : Linda Pedersen   Sheep in doorway                                                                        

My artist’s group met indoors this week since the cold & rain was upon us. I remembered to bring everything I needed except the project I was working on! Our host, Linda , generously allowed me to go through her stock of photos & choose something to draw.

My challenge with this picture was to capture the feel of the bright outdoors and the shadowed interior, including the  sheep itself. My artist buddy Bob donated a sheet of bristol paper to the effort. This is a very smooth-surfaced paper, but not disagreeable to draw on. However, to get really good darks, graphite wouldn’t do it; I used charcoal. At first my background was too dark & detailed to look sunlit, so I ended up lifting a lot of it out with a soft white eraser or kneaded eraser. I also chose  to simplify the background by eliminating some objects. I alos repositioned the sheep’s ear so that his eye would show; always makes for a more appealing picture.

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