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wagon shed turned corn crib


This is a farm that I pass by often but could never get a decent photo of. ( Why is it that there are always 30 cars on your tail when you want to pull off & get a shot?) so I did much of it from memory.

The farmer apparently is using new pole  buildings across the road to store equipment, so turned this into a giant corn crib. ( The other end of the shed just has a big tarp hung over it.)

This is graphite on some old sketch paper I had around here. Added some darks with charcoal, although it’s tough to get it to really bite-in  if there’s already a layer of pencil under it. The notes scrawled in the corners were mixes to get a good black paint in watercolor, which my friend Charlie was telling me about while I was working. I dont think he’d mind if I share: #1 Burnt sienna & Ultramarine Blue, #2  Hookers–or –Sap, green & Alizerine Crimson.

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