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Unusual Bird's Nest

When I have occasion to use the local laundromat, I try to make good use of the time by taking a walk while my clothes dry. The ‘mat is bordered by woods and a wetlands area, so Nature usually has something to offer up for a photo or observation. This time I noticed a bird’s nest with a strange, white, fiber-y material woven into it. It looked puzzlingly familiar; then it hit me that it was simply well-weathered pieces of dryer sheet! Now, this bird was either smart enough to know that these sheets repel ticks,  or she just thought it looked like a nice soft piece of “something” to include in the nest. ( The latter, more than likely.)

At any rate, I snapped a photo. Later, during a casual-but-lengthy phone conversation, I used it as a reference to do this sketch. The substrate is paper from a hardback, spiral bound notebook by Master’s Touch. It has a nice texture, and is an ivory or pale cream-color–(which does not show in this image because it was scanned in grayscale). Graphitone water-soluble pencils were used ( without any water) , a stump for blending, and a bit of charcoal pencil ( soft grade) , to get the darkest darks.

When I first finished this sketch,  I asked my husband’s opinion on it becuase something seemed “off” to me. He said he got the impression it was a condor (or maybe a pterodactyl) nest in a tree! Removing some of the many tiny twigs I had mistakenly put on the ends of the shrub’s branches helped get it back in scale.

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