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The story Behind the Sketch:

When I saw a post which I re-blogged,   http://photographybycjp.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/barns/ , of the twin barns at the Nisqually Refuge in Washington state, I was intrigued by the unusual shape of the buildings. This blogger was kind enough to post more photos & allow me to sketch from them. From the additional material I’ve read, Nisqually was a dairy farm that was rescued from developers. (Although the twin barns are a landmark, for the sake of composition I included only one.)

The experience:

Although my initial interest was in the barns themselves, I found myself drawn to the moody look of what seemed to be a swampy area in the foreground, complete with reflections of the trees. I decided to do an entire scene.

Being detail-oriented, I began to include every bit of shrubbery and plant material , soon realizing that, although all these ingredients had made for a nice photo, they created a drawing that was far too “busy” . There was no place for the eye to rest. I ended up simplifying all the shapes , minimizing the detail, & eventually fading-out quite a bit of detail around the edges to keep the focus in the center.

The technical stuff:

I used a regular school pencil to draw in all the main features, then added some delicate detail with a 2H graphite pencil and the darker areas with a 9B graphite. ( I especially like Derwent Graphic pencils.)  Some of the plant material was done with a Derwent Graphitone pencil. One of the neat things I discovered was that a battery-operated eraser will do a great job of putting soft horizontal highlights in water. Slick as can be! a lot of the “fading out” & minimizing of detail was done simply by rubbing over the existing drawing with a good ol’ dependable kneaded eraser.

Strathmore Rag Mat was the substrate. Not a bad surface to work on.

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