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Old Stone House in Water-soluble Graphite

The story Behind the Sketch:

On one of the unusually-warm days this  March, a couple of artist friends & I met at Renfrew park, Waynesboro, Pa.,  which is an old farmstead that has been preserved. Among the buildings is a simply-built stone house, which from our vantage point could be seen in the distance. I had brought other work to do, figuring I’d just enjoy the companionship & the lovely setting, but  succumbed to the urge to do something local.

The experience:

I decided to make this a loose, quick, enjoyable piece, so pulled out my  water-soluble graphite pencils & gave them a try on the water color paper I had at  hand. I enjoyed the freedom of drawing-in the lines, & then being able to blur them and spread them with a damp brush. I realized that I was getting the full benefit of being outdoors in a scenic setting; working from the 3-D honest-to gosh REAL thing—( as opposed to working from a photo) —brings me a sense of “merging” with my subject. I like it!

The technical stuff:

Derwent Graphitone water-soluble pencils were used, on Canson XL watercolor tablet. ( Not the best watercolor paper in the world, as it will “pill” if wiped-over when too damp  ; however it makes a great, inexpensive,  substrate for renderings where few corrections & little lifting or wiping-away will  be done.  It gives some texture to dry graphite lines , too. )

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