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Queen Anne’s Lace

The story behind the sketch:

Ugh–Summer heat. 90 humid degrees and then some. I just want to stay inside & hug the air conditioner. But the fact is that if you dont go out into the heat, you miss so much beauty .Summer is filled with treasures, among them the wildflowers. Queen Anne’s Lace has always been one of my favorites.

My experience in doing this sketch:

I decided to go “big” on this, due to the detail involved.  The image size is about 8.5 x 14″  ( For me, that’s large.) I didn’t know exactly how to proceed with drawing the flowers; they are so complex. But I slowly began & kept adjusting, till I found the right approach. Too much detail made them too dark, & too little didn’t give them the texture they actually possess. Putting lots of darker shapes in between the parts of the blossoms helped. It was an interesting “puzzle”, working out how to make the shapes of everything stand out; darkening an area in the background to bring out a light object in the foreground, & vice-verse. The wood was a pure joy to do. Water Soluble graphite pencils made it much easier to achieve variety and texture, as well as a subtle background.

The technical stuff

Strathmore Illustration board, vellum finish, was the substrate. 2B Everhard -Faber Microtomic sketch pencil was used to sketch in somes basics & add detail, Craetacolor Monolith woodless pencils, 2B & 9B, were  used to achieve lots of texture & good darks. (I like these pencils because you can vary line width by angling the pencil.) Derwent Graphitone  water-solubles were used to get a soft background & fade it out at the edges, as well as on several places on the wood post.