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tree and wagon wheel in graphite

What is it that is appealing about an unfinished work? It could be that it’s  like a flower; something beautiful unfolding. It could be the mystery in it; the potential, the chance for our imagination to fill in the blanks.

I  also think that it’s due to the delicious contrast present in an unfinished work; the bright white against  the darkness of the places already “filled-in”. It’s like the brilliance of a sunny day.

The lesson I learn from this is to let some white areas in the finished drawing, and try not to add so much detail to the darker areas that I lose the brilliance. In other words, fight my tendency to get carried away!

The technical stuff

Strathmore Illustration board, vellum finish, is the substrate. 2B sketch pencil used to outline basic shapes. Cretacolor Monolith woodless pencils, 2B & 9B,  used to achieve good darks.  Derwent Graphitone  water-solubles for areas of solid tone, Everhard -Faber Microtomic H to do some very light shading  and to clean up the edges on areas where the graphitone or creatacolor pencils are used, as they leave a slightly ragged edge, at least on this paper.  ( I always knew there had to be some use for the ‘hard” range of pencils; just didn’t know what it was till now. )