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Page From Nature Diary

The story behind the sketch:I kept a nature diary faithfully for eleven years. Of course, at the time, I had few friends , little social interaction, no email, no computer, and wasn’t concerned with having an income. ( Things do change.)

In recent years, my entries have been sporadic, but at least there may be  some continuity to the one above. This  drawing of a Jack-in-the-Pulpit was done  last summer. Now this summer I have been taking photos of another plant in its various stages. At present the berries are turning  form pale green to bright red; would make a luscious watercolor.

my experience in doing this sketch:

Running off the page didn’t bother me, as my main focus was on the glossy green seedhead. I found I just couldn’t get the highlight I wanted on those “berries” , (partly because the paper is cream or ivory-colored, ) so resorted to using white-out. But hey—anything goes.

The technical stuff:

Prismacolor, UltraColor, & Crayola pencils, as well as Tombow dual-ended watercolor markers,  were used to add color to the outlines made by  a  standard #2 pencil. And then , of course, there was the white-out.  Paper: Masters Touch spiral-bound sketchbook. Sold at Hobby Lobby. A pretty versatile paper, although the ivory color does make high contrast difficult.

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