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Rough sketch of character from my children’s story

This post is a lot less about the sketch & more about the reasons we don’t get around to sketching, or fulfilling our creative dreams. I have written a children’s story which I intend to illustrate & self-publish, but it took me “forever”  to actually start one (now completed) watercolor illustration. Why? My excuses ranged from the fact that it’s home-improvement season, to caring for an ill cat, not getting enough sleep, having too many social obligations, a cluttered work environment, and having to get down on the floor & cut a hunk of illustration board into workable pieces to start.

Some of these are more than just excuses; they are circumstances that have truly interfered with my ability to produce. However, the bigger problem is that I have not learned to make creative time my top priority—and for any of us to make our artistic dreams happen we have got to do that.

I have something to give to the world, & so do you! Make sure you find time to create it, whatever it is!

P.S.  Check out Filio Kondylis’ blog http://filiokondylis.wordpress.com/ for her insightful thoughts on our attitudes & behavior as artists. It’s been very worthwhile for me.