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Graphite Still life of Money Plant , Pottery, and Jar

Graphite Still life of Money Plant , Pottery, and Jar

The Story Behind the Sketch:
…And then, sometimes a Gift is Inspiration!
When my friend Carole gave me a lovely pottery pitcher with a motif that reminded me of  money plant seed heads, “Still Life!” was the first thing I thought of. The wheels started turning; I knew had some dried money plant out in the shed, & could probably dig up a piece of cobalt blue glassware  to coordinate with the dark blue designs on the buff-colored piece. A painting was my original goal, but after photographing and doing a “preliminary” sketch, I decided I was pretty satisfied with just the sketch itself. 

The Technical Stuff:

Crescent Cold Press illustration Board, 3B & 9-B General’s Graphite Sketch pencils, Derwent Graphitone water-soluble graphite pencils to help make a soft background tone on the wood siding. A paper stump was used for the delicate blending on the seed heads.

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

I had taken photos of three different arrangements of the objects used. After narrowing it down to two, I asked for advice  from artist friend George on how to combine the best features of each. I think his advice was good. ( Sometimes it really helps to have a “fresh eye” look at things like this.)


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