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Sundrop And Wild Grapevine Sketches

Sundrop And Wild Grapevine Sketches

The story behind the sketch:I decided that our elderly cat Smokey, who seemed a bit depressed, needed a pick-me-up. It was time to end his mainly-indoor existence & let his feet touch the grass. I started taking him out on a leash, which he loves. My problem was that I ended up just standing around while he spends much of his time lounging on the ground & eating grass. A small folding chair & a bag to keep my sketchbook in solved the problem.

my experience in doing this sketch:

Leash-time sketching is different from normal field-sketching; It is “catch-as-catch-can.” When Smokey decides to move, I have to change subjects! I didn’t get any further on the sketch of the sundrops than a contour drawing. ( But I really observed how that plant is made, which is worth something in itself.) During the drawing of the wild grapevine, Smokey decided to take a nap—-so I had plenty of time to do some shading & detail on this one.

The technical stuff:

Because I had to carry my supplies around, I pared down to the absolute necessities: a #2 HB school pencil with a new eraser on the end, ( well-sharpened), and a “Master’s Touch ” brand hardbound sketch book.

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