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water-soluble graphite barn and springhouse sketch

water-soluble graphite barn and springhouse sketch

The Story Behind the Sketch:

My artists group met a week ago at Coldbrook Farm, a piece of artists’ paradise in Chambersburg, PA. Among the inspirational sights were a barn, springhouse, & pond with Canada geese.
The Technical Stuff:

Canson XLwatercolor tablet, Light and dark grades of  Derwent Graphitone water-soluble graphite pencils were used for most of this sketch, plus water & a Grumbacher #2 bristlette round brush, a #1 Plaid  3/4″ craft brush, & a Royal & Langnickle small #4 angle.

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

As in all situations we choose what we will focus on. While there were frequent sounds of sirens from the nearby hospital, there were  also


from catbirds & mocking birds. While the siding on the barn was actually asbestos shingling, I looked at the flavor of the structure  & drew simple vertical siding instead. A rough sketch was all I was after this time around; I was there to enjoy myself on that singularly beautiful day—& so I did.

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