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Front Cover Pages From A Nature-Lover's Diary

Front Cover Pages From A Nature-Lover’s Diary

The Story Behind the Book:

For almost thirty years I had kept sketch diaries of things I’d seen in nature,— whether it was a baby bunny out in the yard, a fox in a field, or some lovely wildflower that had taken my fancy,— adding notes to describe what I’d seen or tell a short story connected with it. I did this for my own enjoyment, never actually expecting to share it with anyone. However, when I decided to show one of these journals to The Monday Painters, a  group of artist friends with whom I meet each week, they convinced me that a book could—and should— be done from them.

The Technical Stuff:

I did my own graphic design and preparation of the files needed for publishing, using photo-editing programs, and “Pages” ( Mac equivalent to Microsoft Word)

Createspace.com was the online printer I chose to publish through.

My Experience in Doing this Book: 

It was a LOT of work! A million decisions had to be made, starting with “which entries, out of hundreds, would I include in this book?” ( It could only be so long and still be affordable and manageable.) Ultimately, though, it has been the most satisfying thing I have ever done. Nature has been such a rejuvenating influence in my life, and I think this book is the perfect way to share my enjoyment of it with the world.

I will soon be detailing my experience in creating & marketing this book in a new blog. I’ll keep you updated!

In the meantime, if you’d like to see a preview, go to


If you think you’d enjoy owning a copy, it is also available at the Createspace Estore:


( I get a higher royalty there!)

If you choose to purchase from Amazon, please let a review. Thank you!

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