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Pointed Roof Smokehouse

Pointed Roof Smokehouse

The Story Behind the Sketch:

Now that Spring is here in all its glory, I can look back and remember Winter fondly for all the wonderful “moody” scenes of farm buildings and grounds that it provided. One such is the Smokehouse pictured in this drawing.  At first I was in doubt that it was actually was a smokehouse. Upon asking a few friends who are familiar with farm structures, on e told me that he had seen two identical buildings on a farm; the one that was on higher ground was a smokehouse, the other , in a depression, was a spring house. Since this building sat on somewhat of a hill,  I decided it must be a smokehouse. ( Further confirmation came when I  later saw that it was being used as a shed for a garden tractor.) 
The Technical Stuff:

Paper: Morilla sketch tablet, a fairly smooth paper but with just enough tooth to hold the pencil well. pencils: General’s 3B graphite for most of the sketch, with 8B used for the darker areas. A stump ( paper tortillion) was used to do some blending in areas.

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

At first I thought I’d be smart & try to do the whole thing in 3B pencil, just to show it could be done. I gave in to the temptation to use a softer grade, though when it came time to do the dark tree on the left. I decided from there that the shadowed side of the building and some spots in the grass could also benefit from a using the 8B . I still couldn’t get the tone I was after in spots. though, so I used the stump to blend & give me overall “color” in the grass, and both sides of the building—as well as softening the appearance of the trees and background.

Today’s Excerpt from ‘Pages’:

From here on out, I’ll be adding a new feature to my posts, an excerpt from my book, ‘Pages from a Nature-Lover’s Diary’. ( For any of you who are following my other blog, of the same name), please excuse the fact that this material has been covered there as well. )

Indigo Bunting and Goldfinch eating Dandelion seed

Indigo Bunting and Goldfinch eating Dandelion seed 




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