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Notes and sketches on this year's garden

Notes and sketches on this year’s garden

The Story Behind the Sketch:

This year my hubby & I planted more veggies & many in containers. Being novice gardeners, we have had some disappointments, as well as  successes—but in any case, it’s been an adventure, watching how the seeds or plants have grown & are forming their fruits. It occurred to me that I really ought to be keeping records, both for the sake of getting better results in the future, and simply for the enjoyment of it. Keeping written lists or charts is okay, but I figured I might as well take the opportunity to do some sketching with it.   
The Technical Stuff:

Paper:Canson XL Multi-Media tablet.  Sketching materials:  prismacolor colored pencils, ( & various other brands), ball point pen, graphite school pencil, Tombow watercolor markers.

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

I had been fascinated with the cucumber vines all along; they have a grace which I had not expected; their flowers and tendrils adding interesting shapes & curves.

I like this paper. It is much nicer than what I think was the former version, Canson XL watercolor paper. It’s a very bright white for one thing. ( So bright, that the white Prismacolors look cream-toned on it!)

I’ll add photos to my journal, and once it’s all assembled, I should have a record of this year’s gardening experience that not only reflects facts and and figures, but the beauty and fascination I found in these growing plants.


Today’s Excerpt from ‘Pages from a Nature-Lover’s Diary”:

Rabbit and Squirrel Face Off

Rabbit and Squirrel Face Off




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