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Original sketch

Original sketch

Red Barn at Renfrew

Red Barn at Renfrew

The Story Behind the Sketch:

It was a pleasantly cool day at Renfrew Park and Museum, Waynesboro, Pa. I sat on a park bench underneath a large locust tree that let go of its tiny dry leaves every time the wind came up.They swirled around me, lending an air of magic. I had decided to do a landscape this time, as a change from my usual studies. I had only packed a some cheap colored pencils and inexpensive tablet, but hey—this was just practice, and a way to relax for a couple of hours outdoors.

The Technical Stuff:

Paper: a thin-papered–but acid free—sketch tablet from Big Lots; Pencils: Crayola, Rose Art, Schoolio, others

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

I started the drawing once, and found it just didn’t have the proportions that made me happy; I wanted the barn smaller, anda little higher on the paper, to get more of a feeling of distance in the scene. I guess I finished it to about the halfway point, with most of the elements at least sketched in,  & brought it home with no intention of completing it. Then my husband saw it & exclaimed, “That’s a nice sketch!” so I gave it a second look. A few days later I darkened and detailed  some areas while on the phone with someone. (This seems to be a good time for me to sketch!). It sat again for a week or so, but then the Paint-out Group unexpectedly ended up at Renfrew again,  and I had the opportunity to finish it on location. I think this added a richness to it that I wouldn’t have achieved in finishing it from a photo. Theres’ just  something about being there…


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