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Graphite sketch of Smokehouse at Renfrew Museum

Graphite sketch of Smokehouse at Renfrew Museum, Waynesboro, Pa.

The Story Behind the Sketch:

It was a mild winter day, approaching Christmas,  when my hubby & I went for a walk at Renfrew park. The dull scenery had been lit up into shade of russet, orange and gold, by the low rays of the setting sun— and I could not resist taking a photo of this scene. While I did the sketch as a prelude to a watercolor painting, I’m also happy with what it is in itself; a pleasant black & white rendition of a colorful scene.

The Technical Stuff:

Paper: Canson XLMixed-media spiral bound sketchbook. Pencils: General’s 3B and 8B sketch pencils.

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

This sketch came into being on a Monday as I sat with my fellow artists around the big dining room table at the home of our leader, Becky, and worked at our respective projects.  I find black & white work easy to do while chatting and listening to other people’s conversations. (The decisions needed in making a color picture seem to require more concentration for me.) Although the drawing appears more like charcoal in this image, I actually used a 3B graphite sketch to do almost all of it, with an 8B for some of the darker areas. Some slight blending was done with a stomp  in the shadowed areas of the building. Once the real work of getting the perspective and proportions of the smokehouse correct, the rest was a breeze. ( Maybe excepting those 1 million little ivy leaves I had to draw that were growing on the trees!)


Today’s Excerpt from ‘Pages’:

Squirrel carrying leaves

Squirrel carrying leaves




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