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RedFox in Graphite

RedFox in Graphite

The story behind the sketch: Spring is officially here, but I’d like to pay homage to Winter one last time, by sharing this page from my nature diary, entered back in January.

As my husband & I walked in the “natural” portion of a town park nearby, I was feeling rather gloomy since there was little color, compared to that of the bounty of wildflowers that had been growing there a few months ago at our last visit. But we found a treasure that was equal to or beyond the color of Autumn: a red fox, sitting out in a field, leisurely grooming himself in the sun. Luckily, he wasn’t aware of us, and I was able to snap several pictures before he finally realized he had observers.

my experience in doing this sketch:

At first,  I was only doing a “preliminary” sketch, very rough & all in one grade of pencil—just to kind of get the “idea” down on paper. ( Which I ran out of space on when it came to the fox’s long tail!) But later I went back & added more detail–just for the heck of it. It’ still kind of rough, but that’s okay; it doesn’t  have to be a super-detailed drawing; it  preserves a memory for me, & as I drew it, allowed me to familiarize myself with the way a fox is “made” , as simply taking a photo could never do.

The technical stuff:

A #3B Eberhard Faber Microtomic graphite sketch pencil was used to “rough-in” the image. Softer grades were used to add some detail–5-9B.

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