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Brick & Stone Chimney on Smokehouse

Smokehouse on Old Farm

This is a follow-up to the previous post, “Smokehouse” . The chimney was what had caught my eye originally; it was so unusual , being constructed of two different materials, & rather large in comparison with the building. It was a “bear” to draw all those bricks, but worth it, I think. I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that advocates drawing or painting a “suggestion” of a surface or texture. I’d rather draw every brick & then smudge some of them out for variety.

Landscapes have never been my favorite thing to do, but I am finding I like to put a little bit of scenery around my buildings. It seems to evoke the offbeat charm of an overcast winter day for me, embodied in the dry grass , bare trees, and subtle colors.

This was done largely in 2 and 3B graphite pencils, with some 9B in the darker areas, & 4B Graphitone ( water-soluble graphite pencil ) for the grass. Even without using water, these pencils give a slightly different, softer look than regular graphite. An H graphite pencil was used to get the tinier branches on the background trees.

On Strathmore “Drawing”  (tablet).

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