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Japanese Stone Lantern on Boulder  with Japanese Maple

Japanese Stone Lantern on Boulder with Japanese Maple

The Story Behind the Sketch:

My artists’ group has been painting at the home of friends, Pat & Mary Ellen, who are extraordinarily creative, talented, and “spiritual” in their own unique way. These qualities manifest themselves in the property that surrounds their house; large boulders have been strategically placed to create focus points that  harmonize with the landscape. Serene oriental figures and decorative plantings accent the scenes. At this time of the year, two ponds are graced with Canada geese and goslings, and lined with forget-me nots and other wildflowers. A bamboo “forest”  creates an in interestingly-textured wall along one side. There is an almost “magical” aura about the place—- and a variety of subjects that a person might render—-but on this particular day I chose to do a quick impression of one of the boulder, lantern, and planting, combinations. The sun was creating an interesting contrast on the rock itself, which is what really caught my eye. 
The Technical Stuff:

Paper: Morilla sketch tablet, a fairly smooth paper but with just enough tooth to hold the pencil well. Pencils: Derwent 2 and 3B graphite for most of the sketch, with 8 & 9B used for the darker areas.

My Experience in Doing this Sketch: 

With the soothing sound of a waterfall in my ears, in combination with the lovely sound of Pat’s flute-playing, doing this drawing was definitely a relaxing experience. I did not hassle myself with trying to add a background of the appropriate tone. Just a sketch of what I was focusing on was all that it was meant to be.

Today’s Excerpt from ‘Pages from a Nature-Lover’s Diary”:


Downy Woodpecker and Juvenile

Downy Woodpecker feeding Juvenile




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