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Gesture Sketch of Cat

The story behind the sketch:

Thomas was sitting on the couch in the cat-nap position; sort of sleeping while sitting up. I liked the way his paws were folded and wanted to capture that in particular. I was busy with other things but decided to take a few minutes to do a sketch.

my experience in doing this sketch:

Thomas’ eyes didn’t stay closed long once I knelt in front of him & started to work. He was mystified by my studying him so intently. But after a few minutes, he relaxed and resumed his napping. I found it fairly easy to do his body but quite a bit tougher to draw his head & facial features. Since this was basically a “gesture sketch” ( one where the artist  sets a very limited amount of time to draw, & tries to capture angles, general shapes & the “direction of flow” ) I didn’t  go for complete accuracy or much detail. This  was just to allow me to capture the essence of Thomas’ posture. A gesture sketch can really help set in the artist’s mind the contours of the subject , which is quite an aid should a more detailed drawing be done later.

The technical stuff:

A plain ol’ school pencil was used for this ( a perfectly servicable tool for many sketches).  On Strathmore Drawing  tablet paper.

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